Price starts from 75€ per person with hot breakfast buffet, 3-course dinner, free parking, use of saunas and wifi.


Booking dates are from Saturday to Saturday.


For short stays or irregular dates, please contact us directly.


Certain discounts apply for children under 15 y.o, which will be applied at the booking stage, if the room has at least 2 full paying guests.


At the time of booking, we require a 30% deposit to guarantee your reservation. In the event of stay cancellation within the free cancellation period, the deposit will be refunded.

Room types
Standard Room
A room with a natural look and in modern Nordic style. Comfortable environment with everything you need.
Premium Room
Creamy interior with bright accents. The furniture is made of natural materials, which creates eco-friendly atmosphere in the room.
DeLuxe Room
Spacious and open plan room with breathtaking views of the mountains, eco-friendly furniture and a soft carpet, prefect for barefoot walking. Rooms features a kitchenette and a dining table for your comfort.
Junior Suite
A semi open plan junior suite which satisfies all needs for those who are used to high comfort, own kitchenette and privacy.
One-Bedroom Apartment
A modern comfortable apartment with separate living room and a kitchenette. Perfect for families or for those who are used to high comfort and wonderful views.
The story of Mulk
MULK Hotel
``Mulk`` - a resident of southern Estonia, the bearer of the ancient Mulk-land culture. Mulks are famous for ignoring social boundaries, finding ways to move from lower classes to higher. As a result, they were punished with serious repressions and deportations, and barely managed to keep their culture alive. In Hotel Mulk you can learn more about this rare culture and taste the delicious traditional dishes from the Mulk-land.
Excellent cuisine and
a bar with a wide variety
We speak